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Stealthy Healthy

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Are you making bad decisions for the meal you eat at work or on-the-go? Do you find it hard to find a convenient solution to stay healthy without compromising taste or time? The Hungry Ninja is the answer. Get delicious, ready-to-eat meals delivered to you – whether at your work or home. Stop getting fast food and pricey takeout in order to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

50% Off Your First Week

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Time is money.

Time is the one constant we can’t change. Why not save your time for what you really want to do? Ironically, we may find ourselves suffering because of bad choices we make based on time. Have you ever decided to go through a drive-thru simply because you were short on time? Or, maybe you skipped a meal altogether because you had no time to made that healthy meal happen?   We are a locally owned, fresh kitchen located in Broken Arrow, OK.

Basically, we’re your personal ninja chefs. We make the grocery list, we do the shopping, prepping, cooking, & packaging, & we even clean up the mess for you. Moreover, we don’t stop there. We even deliver these meals right to your home or office up to 2x a week. Never be forced to make a bad meal decision again! We provide fresh, delicious, perfectly portioned, ready-to-eat, stealthy healthy meals conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.   Whether it’s 5 meals or 25 meals a week, our flexible platform allows you to choose the ingredients to make your own custom meals.

Choose from a wide variety of options, sizes, and configurations of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. You can choose to eat all Hungry Ninja, or simply fill in the gaps in your life where you know it will make a difference. Either way you slice it, The Hungry Ninja can help you stay on track, save time and money, and spend your free time exactly how you’d like!

Relax, let a ninja have your back.

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